5°slope kitchen sink splash guard-gray silicone faucet mat handle drip catcher tray behind faucet with soap dispenser hole-1pc water clear gadgets for sink accessories 5 by 24inch long organizer

Rs. 1,246.26
Item Shape:
  • 【Multiple Usages】Kitchen faucet splash guard can be used in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, sink, farmhouse, bar and RV as silicone faucet handle drip catcher tray.
  • 【Easy to drain】The silicone sink faucet mat latest 5° slope design with 5 by 24 long allows for faster and smoother water discharge and faster drying. This means no puddles to clean up & no water spots by the faucet. Faucet splash guard for kitchen sink give you an effort-saving upgrade.
  • 【Large size】24inches longer size kitchen sink splash guard,not only can cover the entire sink, but also be suitable for faucets at two sink positions, silicone sink faucet mat splash guard so water will not splash onto the sink surface and keep it clean and hygienic.
  • 【Sink Organizer】Not only used as sink water splash guard, it also acts as a storage table for brushes、sponges and detegent with soap dispenser hole, to make the kitchen space clean and tidy.
  • 【Adjustable caliber】The caliber of sink faucet splash guard can be tailored according to the size of your own faucet, kitchen sink splash guard behind faucet suitable for various scenarios.