TheMobo's Multi-Function Self-Defense Stick

Rs. 999

"Seeking a safe outdoor companion with an assured grip? "

Introducing TheMobo's Multi-Function Self-Defense Stick – your durable, compact solution for enhanced security during hikes, travels, and outdoor adventures.

Hiking and trekking - Whether traveling to an unfamiliar place or hiking or camping at an unknown location, Expandable Tool is the perfect solution.

Perfect gift - As a gift for your friends and family, this Enhanced automatic retractable self-defence hiking stick will be perfect.

Personal protectionWhen push comes to shove, you need a personal protection weapon in your hands that you can count on if you're under attack,

Pop-up with one click - Automatic spring self-defense hiking stick press a key automatic eject function, refuse to open sluggish and laborious.

Anti-slip handle - The design of the anti-slip handle for the handheld effective, while the design of anti-slip handle can also play a comfortable shock-absorbing effect, not easy to take off the hand,

Free benefits - It comes with a pouch that can attach to a belt/waist. for taking outdoors, Extendable / Collapsible so it is easy to carry.

How to use - To use, simply rotate open the safety latch, hold the handle with the stick end facing outward, and press the button.

Easy to carryCan also be used for day-to-day life also as it is necessary nowadays, Easy to Carry in Bags.


Personal Safety: Carry it with you as an everyday self-defense tool to deter potential threats and attackers.

Walking Aid: Use it as a sturdy walking aid, providing extra support and balance when needed.

Emergency Window Breaker: In a vehicular emergency, the hardened tip can shatter car windows, allowing for quick exits or rescues.

Door Jammer: Insert the stick under a door handle for added security when staying in unfamiliar places.

Dog Deterrent: Keep aggressive dogs at bay while on walks or jogs by extending the stick as a barrier.

Tent or Tarp Pole: While camping, turn it into a makeshift tent or tarp pole for shelter.

Personal Alarm: Hit the stick against a hard surface to create a loud noise and attract attention in distress situations.

Emergency Signal Flag: Tie a bright cloth to the stick's end for signaling during emergencies or when lost.

Yoga or Exercise Aid: Use it for balance exercises or as a prop during yoga sessions to improve stability and flexibility.

Hiking and Trekking: Carry it while hiking to clear your path of obstacles or as a support for crossing challenging terrains.