XIANGEN Food sealing clip Food sealing clip for bag Food plastic moisture-proof and fresh-keeping sealing clip Household milk powder sealing clip (6 Packs)

Rs. 913.70

food sealing clip kitchen seal moisture-proof fresh-keeping sealing clip milk powder bag snack plastic bag discharge with mouth clip

  • PP
  • The food sealing clip is composed of a sealing clip and a discharge nozzle. It is suitable for packaging bags containing powder or small granular products, as well as for packaging bags containing various liquid products. It can be used for sealing and fresh-keeping.
  • The sealing spout is also a multi-functional product. It also has the same function as the ordinary sealing clip, that is, it can seal the plastic bags of unfinished food or items that are afraid of moisture.
  • Intimate double tooth mark design, double sealing; Spiral dust cover preservation, effectively sealed dust; Lengthen the sealing rod and seal it neatly. It can be repeated and used for a long time.
  • How to use: 1. Cut off one corner of the packaging bag, 2. Insert the outlet into the packaging bag, 3. Use the sealing clip to fix the outlet, 4. Clamp the sealing clip, 5. Open the outlet to seal Cover, 6 can be easily poured out.
  • Food sealing clip: material: PP, single weight: 22G, white (6 packs), size: 5.4X2in.
Color grey
Material Polypropylene
Material Feature Reusable
Product Dimensions 5.4"L x 1"W x 2"H